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    1. 2019年全國各地中考英語試題《閱讀理解》試題匯編(含答案).doc


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      第PAGE1頁(共NUMPAGES1頁) 2019年全國各地中考英語試題《閱讀理解》試題匯編(含答案)1.(2019?遵義)The construction(建設) of high﹣speed railways in China began with the building of the Qinhuangdao﹣Shenyang High﹣Speed Railway(HSR)in 1999.Now the high﹣speed rail network in China is the largest in the world.So far,there have been about 1700 kilometers of HSR in service,along with trains of an average(平均)speed of 220 km/h. Now Chinese govemment plans to spend ﹩300 million building the largest and fastest HSR system in the world by 2020. It's said that the trains can run 400 km/h and create new business for China and other countries through the Belt and Road.(一帶一路) It's predicted that the HSR network in China will reach 30,000 kilometers and it will be like a grid, which is mainly made up of 8 long﹣distance high﹣speed rail lines: four north﹣south HSR lines and four east﹣west HSR lines. Except for the Qingdao﹣Taiyuan HSR, all HSR lines of the railgrid are longer than 1,000 kilometers. Feng Hao, an expert, says "Many markets along the Belt and Road, especially in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Eastern European countries, are planning to build HSR lines.They look forward to getting technological support from China". (1)   is the first HSR line in China. A.The Qinhuangdao﹣Shenyang HSR. B.The Qingdao﹣Taiyuan HSR. C.The Beijing﹣Shanghai HSR. D.The Qinhuangdao﹣Shanghai HSR. (2)By 2020, the trains will run    km/h faster than at present. A.400 B.300 C.220 D.180 (3)What does the underlined word "grid" in Paragraph 3 mean?    (4)What does the expert FengHao say?    A.Our country supports other countries in money. B.Many markets are not planning to build HSR lines. C.Our country plans to spend $300 million building HSR system. D.Other countries want to get technological support from our country in HSR. (5)Which of the following is mentioned?    A.The first builders of HSR. B.The speed of HSR. C.The building materials of HSR. D.The ticket price of HSR. 2.(2019?東營)Scrub, the