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    1. 2019年全國各地中考英語試題《閱讀理解》試題匯編2(含答案).doc


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      第PAGE1頁(共NUMPAGES1頁) 2019年全國各地中考英語試題《閱讀理解》試題匯編2(含答案)1.(2019?黃石) People in different countries speak different languages. But is there a language that can be understood by everyone in the world? Emojis might be the first truly universal(通用的) language. Emojis are a kind of special language. Pictures are used to put meaning across. A group called the Unicode Consortium is in charge of choosing official(官方的)emojis It has added new emojis every year since 2014. These new emojis do not come out of nowhere. They come from what people think about, like and care about. Emojis can be used to represent (代表) different groups of people. In 2015, emoji faces with different skin tones(膚色) were added. In 2016, different jobs were added,such as doctor, police officer and painter along with female versions of these jobs. This year, emojis of disabled people were added, including emojis of blind people and people in wheel chairs. But there is also more to emojis. They can also refer to pop culture and new cultural trends.New emojis in 2019 have included several animals, such as sloths(樹懶) and flamingos(火烈鳥). These animals are not very common, but are known to many people. For example, sloths have become popular thanks to the 2016 film Zootopia(《瘋狂動物城》). Many fashion designers have included flamingos in their designs in recent years. This animal makes people feel like they' re on a tropical(熱帶) vacation. It seems that emojis are a mirror of the world we live in.It will be interesting to see how they change and grow in the years to come. 根據短文內容,完成下列任務. (1)Emojis are a special language using the   to put meaning across.(僅填1個詞) (2)Where do new emojis come from?(回答不超過9個詞)    (3)When did emojis begin to show different jobs?(回答不超過2個詞)    (4)What kind of animals have been included in2019?(回答不超過6個詞)    (5)將畫線句子翻譯成漢語.    2.(2019?海南)Do you use memes(表情包)to talk with your friends online? Memes are sometimes more fun to use than words. Here are some popular ones.